Letters to my Daughter:  A journal of letters from Mother to Daughter

Letters to my Daughter: A journal of letters from Mother to Daughter


Letters To My Child is the perfect keepsake notebook from a parent to a child. Create an heirloom piece by leaving advice, thoughts, or support to your child. Perfect for babies or older children. Give them the gift of your words and handwriting, beautifully displayed in this notebook.

With a gorgeous cover page that includes a space to write to/from, the rest of the book is a lined notebook with a high-end look that will become a future keepsake for your son or daughter.


  • Milestones (growing up, quotes, funny things kids say)
  • A mother's journal of the strong emotions of babyhood as well as the struggles of a new mother's heart.
  • Birthday letters every year recapping the last year and giving love and support into the next.
  • Letters of advice as your child grows up and things you want him/her to know when older and as they transition into teenage or young adult years.
  • Document your feelings and love as a mother to your child on days as they happen or as the love for your child overwhelms you suddenly as it does occasionally for all parents.
  • Write letters outlining prayers for your child over the years as they grow and their experiences change.

The beauty of a lined notebook is that you can make it what you want and it can morph into whatever it needs to become as the years go on. Makes an amazing graduation gift from parent to child to send them off to college or a beautiful new mother gift when your daughter first experiences motherhood of her own. Let them read the letters are you write them, or keep it in their memory box with other precious keepsakes to pass onto them later.


  • Premium Matte Soft Cover
  • A4
  • Printed on Bright White Paper
  • 108 lined pages (54 pages front/back
  • Hand decorated using lace, pearls and crystals


- Embelishments may vary